IX форум Європа – Україна, Łódź, 24-26 січня 2016

The strategy of reform and modernization – or a breakthrough?

In recent years Ukraine experienced the deepest crisis in its history. Affected by the loss of territories, the war, the degradation of the economy, growing social inequalities and conflicts, once again the effort of reform and modernization. It confirmed the European choice, made the choice of strategies and partners with errors from previous years draws conclusions.


But can we speak of a breakthrough? The conflict is still ongoing, political divisions did not decrease. There is a growing social discontent and the threat of populism. The economy is not stable, and reforms are in the early stages and it is difficult to talk about their effects.

Debates forum Europe-Ukraine in 2016 will focus on key issues of modernization and development of the economic potential of Ukraine, energy security, comprehensive use of its natural resources, the possibilities regions and cooperation with partners from Polish and other European countries. The subject of reports, panel discussions and presentations Forum will be the pace of reform in Ukraine in the context of the opportunities arising from the association of Ukraine with the European Union. Considered to be determinants of decentralization of the state, building a modern local government and civil society. They will also be dealt with security issues of Ukraine in a European and global relations.

The main points of the program:

Three days of debates and meetings
Presentation of the Report of the Chief:
Plenary sessions: the key decision-makers will talk about economic and political cooperation of Ukraine and the European Union in the new conditions
30 panel discussions on a wide range of economic, social and political
8 presentation circuits, some sectors of the economy and other
2 dinners: the possibility of personal contact with guests Forum
500 participants from Ukraine, the EU, Russia, neighboring countries and the USA, among them representatives of governments, politics, business, governments, international organizations and think tanks. Meetings with key figures from the European Commission and the European Parliament, members of governments, parliamentarians, representatives of international organizations, diplomats and managers of major companies and experts.


Andel's Hotel Łódź ****, ul. Ogrodowa 17, 91-065 Lodz

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